Kelvion TOAC Smart

Our new transformer oil air cooler

Kelvion TOAC Smart cools safely and efficiently

The new Kelvion TOAC Smart is our new basis model in our transformer oil air cooler range and is adapted for standard industrial applications. It’s our cost-effective solution that still lets you benefit from our long-standing profound know-how in the manufacturing of heat exchangers and our global service network. The Kelvion TOAC Smart is a configurable option which strengthens its efficiency and with an up to 600 kW cooling capacity still offers a remarkable performance. High operating safety is ensured through the maximum of 4 ventilators per unit to provide optimum cooling results.

Exploit Potential - the new entry into the Kelvion TOAC class


In every configuration:

Even though being our basis model and having a standardized design, individual configurations are possible. Possible configurations include the amount of ventilators and the cooling fin materials. The coating of the cooling fins permits an optimum adaption of the transformer oil air cooler to a diversity of operating conditions.

The Kelvion TOAC Smart brings benefits from cost savings of up to 35% with the Smart series compared with our top model of the Kelvion TOAC class and corrosion classes C3 to C4 can be achieved depending on the design version.

Make use of our know-how: Which of our three models or which configuration represents the best solution for you depends your individual requirements - and a good consultation.

Also available in advanced and premium class

Efficiency First.

Standardized cleaning and flushing process with hot transformer oil; this allows immediate installation and commissioning without any problems.

Available accessories:

  • Oil flow monitor
  • Thermometer
  • Cabling
  • Terminal box
Quality standard DIN EN 50216-10
Cooling capacity 100-600kW
Maximum oil temperature at full operating performance 115°C
Number of ventilators (standard version) 1-4
Length (with standard version) 4 Options
Position Vertical or horizontal assembly
Housing material Carbon steel, sendzimir galvanized, powder coated
Tube material Copper
Cooling fin material Cu, Al, AlMg, Al+Blygold

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