Heat Recovery Heat Exchangers

Waste and Process Heat Recovery

Waste and Process Heat Recovery are key to businesses in all industries and whether you are operating with an Air Dryer, Air Preheater, Recuperator or Economizer, heat recovery and emissions reduction are essential.

We are pleased to announce that in 2021, many of Kelvion's tube-type Waste & Process Heat Recovery products will be manufactured in our Catoosa, OK facility.

This offers lower delivery costs and shorter lead times for our customers. Our Catoosa factory is a well-established engineering and manufacturing facility for Kelvion's Air Fin Coolers and Plate Heat Exchangers, and we are confident that this new line will continue to showcase Kelvion as the  Experts In Heat Exchange Since 1920!

Air Dryer

Air dryers are available in different material designs including galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, and smooth pipe.These product variations allow us to offer solutions that best fit to your specific applications and requirements. 

Air Preheater

Air preheaters are designed for process heating and evaporation, cooling and condensing, and heat recovery. A century of experience in designing and manufacturing has made Kelvion a technology leader for cooling and heating gas/liquid media. 


In many industrial processes, hot exhaust air or gas is still released into the environment without benefitting from its thermal energy. This can be corrected with Kelvion’s Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger, also known as a Recuperator.


Economizers are customized heat exchangers used for heat recovery in various industrial processes. Installing a heat recovery system in your process will increase efficiency, decrease energy consumption, and save you money. Economizers are frequently used with CO2 emission reduction processes. Kelvion economizers are available in different materials to suit your application. 

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