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Bottled Water Plant in UK

Speedy repair avoids extended shut down at a bottled water plant. When the heat exchanger coils in a dry air cooler needed to be replaced within a tight timescale, the Kelvion Service team sprang into action to complete the work on schedule.

Re-core the only option

The dry air cooler was being used by a producer of spring and mineral water in the UK to chill the water before bottling. Over time, the coils had become damaged due to wear and tear.

As the bottling plant was nearing the end of a shutdown, we had just weeks to complete the re-core work.

Teamwork ensured success

“Thanks to the commitment and hard work of every member of the Atherstone Service Center, we ensured that we met our customer’s requirements within the timescale we had,” says Peter Clifton, Sales Service Engineer.

The result

The speed of the repair work meant that the plant was back online on time and the dry air cooler is once again performing efficiently.

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