Food & Beverage / Dairy

Dairy Plant

Custom-tailored solutions for low maintenance dairy production - The dairy industry relies on equipment that is low maintenance and has a long operational life. Kelvion was able to supply just that to a major dairy.

Meeting customer needs

While the plant manufacturer designed the heat exchangers, we were able to meet the requirements from our standard NT portfolio. They included a wide range of pasteurizers and coolers – a total of 20 units.

With our broad range of heat exchangers, we offer the milk processing industry an integrated solution for the entire process of value creation. As different as the requirements for the various applications are: With Kelvion you can depend on maximum hygiene and gentle product processing along with high profitability.

Ready for inspection

A major challenge was having all 20 units in production together. They had to be available for inspection by the customer on the test stand. Good co-operation between all Kelvion departments ensured that the equipment was ready on time.

The result

The order was completed and delivered successfully on time, and the heat exchangers are now in operation, to the satisfaction of the customer.

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