Inter RAO

Dry coolers with hot dip galvanized casings win the day at Kaliningrad thermal power plants. The Mayakovskaya and Talakhovskaya thermal power plants have increased the power supply capacity in the Russian region of Kaliningrad by 30%. Dry coolers from Kelvion are playing a key role in the plants’ sustainable, safe and efficient electricity generation.

Coolers modified to suit
Located in the towns of Gusev and Sovetsk, the plants are part of Inter RAO - Elektrogeneratsiya JSC. They were built in record time and have a relatively low capacity of 156MW, which can be reached in just 20 minutes.

The customer required dry coolers to cool down the heat transfer agent in the cooling circuit in the oil system of the gas booster compressor units. They specified that the equipment should be modified to be explosion-proof, in accordance with ATEX standard, 2 zone, IIT4 group.

Kelvion was chosen to supply the coolers which offered the advantage of hot-dip galvanized casings. This is a particularly important feature which can withstand a marine climate, such as the Baltic Sea where Kaliningrad is located.

The result
The coolers are operating successfully and to the customer’s satisfaction.

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