KNAUF Insulation

Kelvion heat exchange equipment keeps world-leading KNAUF Insulation out of the cold. In 2013 the world-famous KNAUF Insulation Company faced the challenge of modernizing the cooling system at its Stupino production factory in the Moscow region.

Upgrading for winter
The company excels in thermal insulation production but the factory’s original open cooling system, which supplies water to bushings, transformers, bus bars and compressors, was unsuitable for harsh winter conditions. In 2014 a parallel glycol-based system was installed, using Kelvion gasketed plate heat exchangers. The performance characteristics of our equipment were perfectly suited to the customer’s specified parameters.

During the modernization process, the Kelvion heat exchangers were installed, in addition to the pumping station, consisting of two pumps on the single frame with fittings: a gasketed plate heat exchanger and a three-section air cooling unit.

The result
The heat exchangers have been operating reliably for the past seven years, providing KNAUF Insulation Company with a high-performance cooling system.

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