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Profitable crypto-currency mining depends directly on the smooth operation of equipment 24 hours a day. Design and installation of a water cooling system for mining farms gives significant advantages over competitors in crypto-currency mining. For example, it reduces temperature and extends the equipment’s useful life. Lately, immersion cooling technologies have gained popularity. Developments on this topic have been carried out for quite a long time, as the technology itself is not new, but now the demand in it is growing exceptionally.

Installation for immersion cooling is a container with a coolant, which the farms are plunged into. The coolant is an inert liquid that does not react with compounds and does not conduct electricity.

Advantages of immersion cooling

  • Productivity of equipment increases by at least 10-15%;
  • Increased equipment life;
  • Noiseless operation.

The Beeminer Group are pioneers in immersion cooling for mining. Thousands of installations by the Beeminer Group have been working all over the world. In order to increase the energy efficiency of cooling systems for cryptocurrency mining, Kelvion Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers were used.

The selection of our Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers was driven by the following range of advantages over competitors: Firstly, the ratio between the dimensions of the BPHE and the total area of the heat exchange surface is best in class. Thanks to higher plate efficiency, we offer bigger heat exchange surfaces, coupled with comparatively small dimensions. Secondly, our heat transfer efficiency is unrivalled: due to the unique plate corrugation, the coolant flow is distributed over its entire surface, which increases the real heat transfer surface and, as a result, achieves high values of heat transfer coefficient. Thirdly, our unique range of fittings is reliable for whatever installation they are used.
To sum up: Our BPHEs increase the equipment’s productivity!

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