Energy efficient Data Center technology

CRAH unit improves power usage

01. März 2021 Kelvion is helping data centers owners and operators improve the energy efficiency of their cooling operations. The company, a global heat exchanger expert, recently provided a hyper scale data center in the mid-western United States with an energy efficient solution while saving space.

Next generation of server hall cooling
The customer wanted a new computer room air handling (CRAH) unit that would both improve thermal efficiency and power usage effectiveness (PUE). The CRAH unit transfers the heat produced by the servers to a process chilled water loop. Because data center cooling systems consume large amounts of power, the customer was keen to have new equipment that was more operationally and energy efficient.

Space constraints in the server hall meant that the new equipment had to fulfill the technical requirements but keep within the same dimensions as the existing equipment. Kelvion’s wide experience in manufacturing and supplying CRAH technology enabled the company to meet this challenge. The data center is now equipped with the next generation of server hall cooling that meets all the requirements for quality, reliability and PUE.

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