Vision & Values

One Kelvion | We are one global Kelvion
One of the most important building blocks for a successful company is close coordination between production and sales and beyond factory and regional borders. 

Transparent | We are open and transparent
When we share our knowledge and our ideas with our colleagues, then everyone has access to this important information. 

​Customer driven | We are customer driven
Truly loyal customers are not a given. We have to earn their trust every day anew. The pre-requisite for this is to know, understand their needs and to purposefully address them. 

​Committed | We keep our commitments 
A promise is a promise. This phrase is so true, but nowhere more so than in business – and it should apply not only to fulfilling the terms of contracts, but also keeping appointments, returning phone calls, gathering agreed-on information, etc. If a promise cannot be met, ​then the relevant person must be informed of this in a timely manner and appropriate solutions offered.

Lead by example | We lead by example
Most everyone knows that sometimes you have to convincingly lead by example so that others will follow. This is also true at Kelvion, where everyone, especially managers, should set a good example and, in doing so, convince others to join the common cause.

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