Extremely effective - Kelvion CMx

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04. December 2018 It is important for bakery products, meat products, and pizzas or frozen vegetables that the blast chilling and blast freezing take place quickly and extremely effectively. Baked pastry, for example, has to be cooled down to -7 °C (core temperature) in only 20 minutes and half-baked products from +65 °C to -10 °C in three hours.

Extremely effective - Kelvion CMx
Extremely effective - Kelvion CMx

High chilling power and maximum air speeds for chilled goods in the airflow are required to ensure this. Kelvion research and development engineers have now produced the new CMX line of blast freezers for just these requirements. The new line was developed specifically for these demands.

The CMX’s electrical power consumption has been reduced considerably, and compared to its predecessor the air flowrate for blast freezing has been increased by 31% to a maximum of 86.490m³/h. The evaporator’s surface can now be specified up to 685m².

The units are designed to be installed on the floor and consist of one, two, three or four modules with two blow-through fans which are arranged one above the other and provide for a horizontal air flow distribution. The cooling capacity of the standard units is rated at 50 Pa external pressure. Kelvion can also offer the blast freezer CMX with more powerful fans (100 Pa). The heat exchangers of the CMX units are available with either 7, 10 or 12 mm fin spacing.

The unit dimensions have been specifically matched to conventional transport trolleys so that the cold air reaches the product being cooled completely. If the dimensions of the unit do not exactly coincide with the space requirements in practice, the new blast freezers also have adjustable leg supports.

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