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11. June 2019 Energy saving and waste recovery solutions for the paper industry - Maximum energy efficiency and heat recovery, with minimum waste heat are key goals in the paper and pulp industry. Kelvion’s effective and flexible solutions for paper production and waste water cooling can help companies to achieve them. Sustainable energy efficiency and process reliability underpin the Kelvion range of plate heat exchangers, air dryers, radiators and cooling towers. These technologies – both components and system solutions – will be on show at the ZELLCHEMING-Expo in Frankfurt am Main from 25 to 27 June.

Kelvion @ Zellcheming Expo
Kelvion @ Zellcheming Expo
Kelvion @ Zellcheming Expo

Genuine free-flow plate heat exchangers
The gasketed plate heat exchangers of the NF series offer a free flow for all media. Unlike traditional models with herringbone corrugation, which have tapered flow channels, the channel cross-section of the NF series is always consistent. This allows particles to pass through more easily. The free-flow plate heat exchangers have a regular plate gap of up to 10 mm and a coarsely corrugated plate profile, ensuring a blockage-free operation with fibrous and solid media at high heat transfer performance.

Kelvion's brazed plate heat exchangers are used in the paper and pulp production process, for example for highly efficient heat pumps. They are characterized by their compact design and low investment and operating costs. Newly-shaped flow cells ensure higher turbulence and improved heat transfer.

Air dryers/economizer
Flow-optimized elliptical finned tubes as steam-driven air heaters – with optional round finned tubes - are used to heat the process air. The energy contained in the hood exhaust air is recovered in the exhaust air flow via air/air or air/water stainless steel economizers and fed directly back into the production process, such as for white water heating. In this way, Kelvion heat exchangers contribute to optimum energy efficiency and sustainability in the production process.

Radiators/dry coolers
Using state-of-the-art design software for thermodynamic and mechanical calculations, Kelvion's experts design compact radiators and dry coolers according to customer-specific requirements. Many different sizes and widths as well as a large selection of accessories guarantee a tailor-made solution for cooling the process water down to the target temperature.

Cooling towers
Whether as an open version with axial fan or as a closed version with radial fan, Kelvion’s modular cooling towers with up to 120 m² support efficient and stable cooling performance in the pulp and paper industry. The waste water inlet temperature can be maintained by means of an appropriate waste water packing, or in conjunction with a plate or free-flow heat exchanger. Corrosion-resistant materials ensure sustainability and a long life cycle.

Kelvion heat exchangers are used along the entire process chain: from oil and water cooling and air preheating for the dryer section, to heat recovery from the dryer hood exhaust air and conditioning of process streams containing particles and fibers. A 360° service package rounds off the range.

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