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Kelvion Commercial Air Cooler KDC
01. February 2018
Triple Expertise | Dual Discharge | One Brand: Kelvion KDC

With its new air cooler, Kelvion shows the creativity potential offered by its three brands Goedhart, Küba, and Searle. In joint development work, three teams have designed a Kelvion KDC Dual Discharge Air Cooler, for commercial refrigeration. Beginning immediately, the Kelvion KDC will replace the Goedhart FC38D, Küba DP, and Searle DSR cooler ranges.

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Andrea Teutenberg, Chief Financial Offier of Kelvion
04. January 2018
New Chief Financial Officer at Kelvion

Kelvion´s shareholder committee would like to announce that Andrea Teutenberg has joined Kelvion as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Managing Director of Kelvion Holding GmbH effective as of January 1, 2018.

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