Supermarket in the Netherlands

Gas cooler meets supermarket’s environmental goals. When a major Dutch supermarket chain wanted a gas cooler for one of its stores, it had a shopping list of green requirements. The unit had to be an adiabatic system that was low on power consumption, didn’t use a lot of water and was less noisy to operate. Kelvion provided the solution that ticked all the boxes.

Bespoke unit is a first
Low noise levels were particularly important as the supermarket, like most in the Netherlands, is based in a town center.

After investigating all the possibilities, our R&D teams in Baierbrunn in Germany and Fareham in the UK, came up with a bespoke unit fitted with an adiabatic system with pads. It is also the first system of its kind to have just one row of fans and as a gas cooler. An adiabatic system uses the evaporation energy of water to cool down the air by increasing its humidity. Our product is specially designed to ensure that air is cooled evenly, with a reduced water loss.

Meeting the delivery challenge
Satisfied that the Kelvion solution would meet all specifications, the customer placed the order at the beginning of the year. Although the schedule of four months was tight, the Baierbrunn and Fareham teams rose to the challenge and the unit was delivered on time.

The gas cooler is being used to remove heat from the supermarket’s cold rooms to help keep food at the desired temperature.

The result
“Through great teamwork with Baierbrunn and Fareham, we were able to provide our customer with a very efficient adiabatic cooler with pad system and the success of the unit could lead to further orders for other stores in the supermarket chain,” says Maikel Acosta, Regional Sales Manager in the Netherlands.

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