Waste-to-Energy plant

When a dry cooler at an energy-from-waste plant in Belgium was damaged due to fouling and corrosion, Kelvion was selected to replace and improve the system.

Customer confidence
The equipment was used to cool down equipment on a waste incinerator and had been operating since 2010. But, a combination of poor maintenance by the customer and their attempt to improve efficiency by spraying water to the cooler, had damaged the surface of the fins.

As Kelvion can provide various spraying or moistening systems adapted to customers’ requirements, the customer was confident that we could provide a new and improved system. The solution was to replace and upgrade the dry cooler, with the addition of an adapted moistening system. This would support the customer’s aim of optimizing their electricity production mainly during the summer period.

The work was carried out as a turn-key installation and involved five technicians, one supervisor and a 60 tons crane. Replacing and removing the old equipment was achieved in just one week.

The result
The technical skills of the Kelvion team inspired trust and the customer was satisfied with the professionalism of the team and with the new cooling system which is operating successfully.

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