Heat exchanger for district heating & Cooling

key components for efficient systems

Key components for efficient heating and cooling.

District Heating & Cooling

District heating/cooling systems supply energy to homes and businesses via a network of insulated pipes. The growing awareness of the need to use cleaner, more sustainable, energy is making systems that harness the power of alternative sources increasingly attractive. These include geothermal, biomass, CHP and waste energy from industrial processes. In the Middle East, the development of large district cooling networks promises a viable solution for meeting the region’s air-conditioning requirements while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. District heating/cooling networks can vary from a few hundred meters to several kilometers. Whatever the size, heat exchange systems need to comply with system demands, operate efficiently and be competitively priced. Our state-of-the art plate heat exchangers and coil heat exchangers meet these challenges and are reliable partners in helping district heating/cooling systems to operate to the highest standards.

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