Polymers and plastics

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Polymers are an essential part of modern life. Strong, light and versatile, they can be manufactured to look like natural materials, including cotton, silk, wool, marble and aluminum, as well as making it possible to create products not found in the natural world, such as clear waterproof films. One of the most adaptable plastics is polyurethane as it can be molded to suit an almost unlimited number of uses.

Polymers and plastics

Polyurethane polymers can be found in mattresses, sofas, foam toys, paints, floor coverings and varnishes. They are increasingly being used in the construction industry as rigid foams, coatings and adhesives, while the automotive sector is harnessing their properties to make vehicles lighter. Polyacrylate, a super absorbent polymer (SAP) – a single gram can soak up 1,000 grams of water – is used extensively in the manufacture of baby diapers and other hygiene and sanitary products.

During polymerization, polyacrylate is produced in a jelly-like form and requires additional thermal and mechanical processing to reach the right consistency before it can be used for product manufacture. Kelvion is a reliable partner in this process. Our air dryers can be found at SAP manufacturing plants around the globe and are renowned for their efficiency and durability. We are also the market leader in supplying desublimators for recovering phthalic acid anhydride (PSA), used in manufacturing resins, dyes and pigments. This technology has been continuously developed and adapted to suit the requirements of our customers who can be assured of reliable and energy-efficient operation.

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