Pool Heater / Heat Exchanger for Potable Water

tailor-made solutions for heating and cooling

Expert solutions for keeping water at the right temperature.

Potable Water & Swimming pools

Whether heating potable water for washing, showering and cleaning or maintaining a comfortable temperature in indoor and outdoor swimming pools, heat exchange technology has an important role to play. For indoor pools, dehumidifiers are an added essential for avoiding an uncomfortable ‘tropical’ climate and preventing condensation, which would damage the building. At Kelvion, we specialise in developing tailor-made solutions for heating and cooling all types of fluids. Our versatile plate heat exchangers, made from stainless steel, are the perfect choice for ensuring maximum heat transfer. Where seawater is used in swimming pools, we recommend units made from titanium, which withstands chloride induced corrosion. Whatever your requirement, we will provide the optimized solution for your application that will operate to the highest standards over a long service life.

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