Refrigeration technology and air coolers for test facilities

providing the optimum environment

Tests are a key part of modern industrial production and numerous research methods.

Test Facilities

Automobile manufacturers regularly test vehicles’ capacity to withstand extreme temperatures, varying vary from -60°C to + 100°C, as well as wind speed and humidity. In the food industry, testing engineers study the behavior of the food in relation to several freezing methods, going down to -70°C and beyond!

Studying the human body during sports activities, under varying conditions, provides valuable data to support athletes’ quest for gold at the Olympic Games and other major championships.

Air cooling technology is vital for providing the optimum environment to support accurate and reliable testing. Our air cooler gives the client the possibility to change the environment in a blink of an eye. Therefore we design the unit in such way that no complicated modifications have to be done with the aircooler. All conditions can be realized within the same unit by using multiple circuiting and other clever solutions. This saves serious time for testing.

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