Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers - HPL Series

Semi-welded plate heat exchangers for industrial and commercial heat pumps

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Our latest development combines the advantages of a highly efficient plate and a laser-welded cassette. Thanks to the innovative design we reach extremely high test pressure, up to 95 bar-g – ideal for heat exchanger solutions involving heat pump applications.


Kelvion’s new HPL series excel in providing sustainable and technically challenging heat pump solutions. These solutions use different heat sources to supply heat for warm water or heating applications for buildings, houses, supermarkets, and swimming pools. At the same time, HPL series is the perfect fit for industrial refrigeration applications and large units used for the generation of process heat for several industrial processes in the chemical and food & beverage industry.


Plate Features

  • OptiWave design
  • PosLoc assembly system
  • EcoLoc gasket system
  • One frame for all

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Kelvion semi-welded plate heat exchanger HPL100S

Kelvion semi-welded plate heat exchanger HPL100S


  • Innovative semi-welded solution for heat pumps
  • Extremely high pressure resistance
  • Highest efficiency
  • High reliability for critical media

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