Compact Air Cooler for cold rooms

Kelvion MCC

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The Kelvion MCC lives up to its name and is a power package in small spaces. In the service station, in catering and retail, it is the space-saving helper for packaged goods in temperature ranges both below and above zero.


  • Low-Silhouette Design: The Kelvion MCC fully lives up to its name and is a power pack in small spaces, such as gas stations, catering and retail.
  • Hygiene and protection of chilled goods are priority: All component parts are easy to access and simple to clean.
  • The Kelvion MCC provides reliable cooling power in temperature ranges both below and above 0°C, due to our Kelvion temperature security.
  • Best air guidance through built-in baffle plate. The integrated baffle-plates guide the cold air across the ceiling and thereby far into the room.
  • Even distribution of cold air guarrantees chilled goods natural appearance and their taste. Retention of their full value is therefore ensured.
  • Smooth surfaces: Easy to clean

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  • Straightforward mounting
  • Conserves space vertically
  • Conserves space horizontally
  • Best air guidance

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