Cleaning of GPHEs at Salem Harbor Power Station

When the two-year maintenance freeze caused by the Covid-19 pandemic ended, the US Service team sprang into action to safeguard the critical cooling needs of the gas fired turbines at the Salem Harbor Station natural gas power plant, Massachusetts.

As well as servicing the two NT500T open/closed cooling water GPHEs, our service team assisted by two millwrights from the plant, also turned their hands to removing lube oil fouling from three competitor GPHEs.

First, they opened the two Kelvion NT500T units and cleaned the plates with pressure washers, completing the process to ensure no down time. Next, they addressed the lube oil fouling in three competitor lube oil coolers which, like the Kelvion heat exchangers, had not been serviced for two years. Because these units had never been opened, two coolers per unit were being operated when the design only called for one. Now, thanks to the Kelvion/millwright team, they are running as designed.

The servicing was completed within the required timescale and all five coolers are leak free and are running at their maximum potential!

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