Cool Green Solutions

Gas cooler supports energy efficiency goals. Cool Green Solutions, based in the Netherlands, is a manufacturer of natural refrigeration systems and takes pride in providing products that support its environmental and energy-saving credentials. A Kelvion gascooler is helping the company to achieve this goal.

Reliable and cost-effective solution
Our custom-made gas cooler with housing and frame is part of a compact and durable closed-circuit installation for a potato storage room. CO2 is compressed at high temperatures in a compressor and then passes to the gas cooler where the temperature is reduced and the heat exchanged with the ambient air.

Cool Green Solutions and the Dutch installer had considered alternative options and refrigerants but the solution with CO2 (R744) and our gas cooler offered several advantages. The installation uses a natural refrigerant that is better for the environment; the technology is reliable and cost-effective and complies with the local energy investment allowance (EIA).

Also, since everything is built together on the frame of the gas cooler, the company was able to supply their customer with a ‘plug and play’ product that could be up and running quickly.

The result
The installation is operating effectively and to the satisfaction of all parties, so much so that we have received a new order with similar specifications.

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