CTI Services helps avoid costly downtime at a chemical plant

CTI Services helps Thai petrochemical plant avoid costly downtime | Expanding the lifespan of an air fin cooler at a petrochemical plant in the south of Thailand proved to be a cost-efficient option in line with the company’s focus on sustainability.

The challenge
Our customer takes their environmental responsibilities seriously and has won many awards for their commitment to sustainability.

As the constant flow of chemicals would cause the tubes in its air fin cooler to erode over time, the company was planning to replace the whole bundle after three years.
However, the company opted for Kelvion’s CTI Service as an interim and precautionary measure which was cheaper, less time consuming and more sustainable than a whole bundle replacement.

Leading technology
CTI Services leads the way in in repairing damaged and leaking tubes and tube seals. Full length tube liners can be installed without costly downtime and will extend the life of the heat exchanger.
The work was commissioned at the beginning of 2023 and completed a day ahead of schedule.

The result
Our customer was so satisfied with the work that it is planning to commission CTI Services for more plants in 2024.

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