Dry coolers for agricultural company

When a company specialising in designing and developing process solutions for the dairy, brewery, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries ordered five dry coolers speed of delivery was crucial. Kelvion was able to meet the challenge.

Reliable and sustainable performance
Kelvion dry coolers have a proven track record in providing reliable and sustainable heat transfer, making them the ideal choice for the customer. They are being used with heat pumps supplied to an agricultural facility.

Each 1,000kw cooler reduces the temperature of propylene glycol fluid from 65ºC to 45ºC when the ambient temperature is 35ºC and can cool down almost 45 m3/h. The rugged design features eight AC fans, antivibration mounts and has a dry weight of 1,500kg.

The need for speed
Kelvion has been supplying dry coolers for more than 40 years and we are used to meeting customers’ needs quickly. So, when the customer gave us a short lead time, our experts were able to fulfil the schedule.

The result
The coolers were delivered on time and are operating to the customer’s satisfaction.

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