Renewable Energy

Dry Coolers for GeoPura

Dry air coolers support green power. Clean energy company GeoPura is spearheading the drive towards zero emission fuels and needed an environmentally friendly cooling solution for their hydrogen fuelled genset known as a Hydrogen Power Unit (HPU). The Kelvion dry air cooler met the requirement.

Meeting the cooling challenge
GeoPura has developed the HPU with its energy partner. They wanted cooling equipment that was well engineered and manufactured to a high standard. Our extensive track record convinced them to choose Kelvion.

The challenge was to make the cooler robust enough to move around with the HPU and still achieve a low footprint, including noise restrictions. We worked closely with the GeoPura team and optimised the design, including increasing the structural strength.

Zero emissions solution
The first development units were delivered in 2019, since then the design has been further optimised to achieve the best possible solution.

Kelvion was delighted to be involved in the project. Our sales manager for the power industry says: “As a company we take pride in supporting the drive to cleaner technology so it was exciting for us to help develop a zero emissions solution that would, hopefully, revolutionise the way that portable power is fuelled.”

The result
All development and design goals were met, the technology works successfully and is ready to be marketed globally.

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