Free cooling system for Amphenol AUXEL

Kelvion dry cooler supports sustainable free cooling system | Amphenol AUXEL, a global designer and manufacturer of interconnection and power distribution solutions in electrical, power electronics and electronics equipment, wanted to install a free cooling system to combat rising energy costs and underline their commitment to sustainability.

Quality and cost-effectiveness
This heat exchange system will enable the company to cool its machines at its base in Gondecourt, northern France by using chilly outside air instead of electricity.

As a global manufacturer of industrial heat exchangers and supplier of cost-effective solutions, Amphenol AUXEL was convinced by its supplier to install a Kelvion cooler. This was seen as a better alternative to a plate heat exchanger.

At 7.5 meters long, the dry cooler meets the customer’s space constraints. It also complies with noise limits of 55 dba and provides excellent heat exchange.

The result
The free cooling system is now fully operational and will enable the customer to save the equivalent of 32 tonnes of CO2 every year, as well as cutting energy costs.

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