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Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers for Hyperscale Data Center

Gasketed plate heat exchangers the compact solution for hyperscale data center: A hyperscale data center may take up a large amount of space but still requires compact solutions to operate efficiently. Kelvion was able to meet this requirement at a facility in Singapore with our NC14M gasketed plate heat exchangers (GPHEs).

The customer needed heat exchangers that would fit inside the limited space of the cooling plant and provide high thermal efficiency. We supplied three NC14M models which will be used to remove the heat from the CRAH (computer room air handler) in the server halls to the cooling tower.

While the NC14M comes as standard, we customized the number of plates installed to match the design duty. Kelvion plates are designed according to AHRI standard and the ASME Code and are both robust and reliable.

The three GPHEs, each weighing 13 tons, were lifted up to the roof level. They then had to be positioned manually in the pump room, while overcoming the additional challenge of the plinth not being at the same level as the floor.

The coronavirus pandemic caused a three-month delay to the delivery schedule as work on the construction of the data center had to be stopped twice after some site workers from a sub-contractor tested positive with the virus.

The result
The GPHEs have been installed successfully and will be put into operation in 2022.

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