Ice Rink in Volgograd

Air condenser keeps outdoor ice rink cool in all temperatures. Skating enthusiasts can enjoy the outdoor ice rink in Russia’s Razdoyle Park in Volgograd all year round, thanks to a cooling system supported by an energy-efficient air condenser from Kelvion.

Optimal solution
The 2,000 square meter ice rink is the largest in Volgograd. Opened in 2019, it was designed and built by Proxima. Internal engineering systems specialists INGENIUM, one of the project’s subcontractors, provided effective solutions to ensure that such a large-scale and complex construction was carried out quickly and with the lowest possible energy consumption.

This included using a Kelvion air condenser which INGENIUM considered an optimal solution for the task. The product characteristics fully meet the cooling capacity requirements of more than 400 kW – to operate in all temperatures. In addition, the overall dimensions and color spectrum (RAL) are ideally suited to the size and color of the container for the engine room of the ice rink’s refrigeration system.

The result
Thanks to the efficient artificial ice cooling system, the ice rink is available for skaters to enjoy even at above-zero temperatures.

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