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NF GPHE - The sweet solution for sugar production

Kelvion’s technologically advanced NF series gasketed plate heat exchangers (GPHEs) came to the rescue when a large, worldwide sugar producer became dissatisfied with their existing equipment’s performance.

Technical advice
The plant has a processing capacity of over 30,000 tonnes per day and requires heat exchangers for heating and cooling in the juice purification process.

Although GPHEs are generally the preferred solution in the sugar industry, the customer had chosen welded heat exchanger models from another supplier. But, when these failed to produce the required results, they contacted Kelvion.

Our technical team convinced the customer that our specialized NF GPHEs were the best solution for the task. Developed through many years of experience these models are ideal for a wide range of industries, including sugar. They are equipped with the most technologically advanced heat transfer plates on the market and can cope with the most challenging heat transfer specifications.

Customized solution
Kelvion’s application engineering team designed a custom solution that would enable the plant to increase efficiency and operate reliably without unplanned downtime. Our GPHEs are both cost effective and maintenance friendly.

The NF plates ensure a blockage free operation and are ideally suited to applications involving media containing solids and fibers.

There were challenges along the way, including space limitations, short lead times and the availability of shipping containers, which we were able to handle successfully.

The Result
True to our corporate value of "One Kelvion", the collaboration between the sales team, engineering team, Sarstedt production facility and shipping department has produced results that enable the customer to be ready for this year's sugar campaign.



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