Purpose-built cooling system for high-speed electric trains

Purpose-built cooling system supports high-speed, cross-border train services | High-speed electric trains that can operate across borders provide an environmentally friendly option for travelers. In 2022, one of these networks in western Europe transported nearly 100 million people. Meeting such high demand requires maximum performance and reliability and that includes transformer oil cooling systems.

During operation, the oil in the transformer absorbs the heat generated in the transformer core and Kelvion has developed a range of solutions for cooling it down. We specialize in systems that offer high thermal and economic efficiency, as well as a small footprint.

We have a long working relationship with the transformer builder in western Europe, dating back to 1930, and they knew they could rely on our technical advice. This made us the ideal choice to supply the traction transformer cooling system. It comprises a pump with radial impellers, an alu bloc cooler and a fan.

Made from aluminum, using Kelvion’s vacuum brazing expertise, the alu bloc cooler meets the growing design demands for low weight, high power density heat exchangers. Similarly, the pump is made from cast aluminum, which is lighter than the cast iron used with stationary applications.

Both cooler and pump have been precisely adapted to this high-speed train class, considering oil volume flow and the discharge head. Our calculation methods for the thermodynamic design are based on extensive tests in our research center, as well as our years of experience in providing solutions to the rail sector.

All part of the service
This cooling system meets the customer’s weight and space restrictions and low noise levels, while providing optimum power and reliability.

The trains have been running successfully for several years and the Kelvion Service team has provided technical support, not only to the transformer builder but also to the train manufacturer and rail operator.

Our portfolio enables us to partner with all parties and supply them with spare parts directly.

The result
As the public transport system continues to expand, our customers can rest assured that our commitment to engineering excellence will continue to supply them with the solutions they need to support reliable performance.


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