Air coolers and shock freezing units - the reliable partners for fish processing. Vietnam’s largest tuna supply company needed to replace the refrigeration equipment at its fish processing plant in Russia’s Vladimir region.

Choice equipment
Reliability was paramount to maintain the freshness and quality of the fish which is why contractor Refhelp chose Kelvion to supply air coolers and shock freezing units.

Refhelp specializes in the design, installation and supply of engineering systems for retail enterprises, cold storage warehouses, wholesale distribution centers, fruit and vegetable storehouses, dairies and meat processing factories.

The refrigeration supply system consists of two medium temperature cooling chambers, two shock freezing chambers and low temperature storage chamber.

The result
Refhelp Technical Director Egor Korovin states that the Kelvion air coolers and shock freezers are of a high quality and performing excellently in accordance with specified parameters.

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