Vacuum steam surface condenser refurbishment

The tubes in a vacuum steam surface condenser operating at a water treatment plant in northern Spain had become corroded and needed to be replaced.

Expert recommendation

When Kelvion manufactured the condenser in 1994, they used carbon steel for the tubing. But the refrigeration water from the plant proved to be more aggressive than originally anticipated, while carbon steel is designed for less corrosive media.
After visiting the site, Kelvion engineers recommended replacing the tubes with stainless steel, repairing the tube sheet and applying a new internal coating.

New stainless steel tubing

Kelvion’s Service Team carried out the work over 20 days. First, they installed the new stainless steel tubing, then carried out a hydraulic performance test and added special plastic plugs to the tubes. Finally they sandblasted the internal water chamber before applying the recommended coating.
Following an H&I test and measuring of the coating, the condenser was restarted.

The result
The refurbished condenser is in full operation and the customer congratulated Kelvion on completing the work successfully and on time.

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