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Waste water cooling solution for German paper mill

Environmentally-friendly solution for waste water cooling | A paper mill in Germany needed to cool the waste water from its operations sufficiently before discharging it into the nearby river in order to comply with strict permits. Kelvion's expertise in process water cooling and heat recovery enabled the customer to meet the requirements and also save significantly on water consumption.

Leaders in cooling technology
Environmental concerns about the impact of warm waste water on river life have prompted some authorities to apply more stringent regulations. The paper mill contacted Kelvion to find the most efficient way of cooling 2000m³/h waste water.

As leaders in cooling technology, offering individual components and whole systems, our experts were able to advise the customer on the best solution. We also had to take into account an extremely limited space of only 18m x 18m.

Our customer benefits from commercially coordinated components – we are currently the only heat exchange provider capable of doing this.

Lower water consumption
Through consultation, we identified a turnkey system, comprising three plate heat exchangers, two cooling towers and three pumps, plus connecting pipework and steel structure as the optimal solution.
The system also enables the paper mill to use significantly less water, down from 2000m³/h to a few 100m³/h!

The result
Close cooperation between Kelvion and the customer ensured that the cooling system was delivered on schedule.

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