Heat Exchangers for the Beverage Industry

safe evaporation and pasteurization

The trend toward more conscious and healthier lifestyles has transformed the drinking habits of society. The winners of this transformation are primarily packaged water, water with added aroma or vitamins, and juices.


Offerings here are diverse and creative – only a few examples here are the internationally popular demand for smoothies, water with cucumber-mint flavor, and the increasingly popular coconut water. These products also represent good examples for the growing challenges placed on process technology. Processing must not only be cost-effective, but also especially gentle and careful – since products change color and lose nutrients and taste upon contact with oxygen.

With our long-life and highly efficient plate heat exchangers, we are involved in all processing steps here: for example, evaporation of fruit juices, pasteurization of fruit and direct juices, pasteurization and cooling of soft drinks, and hot or cold beverage filling. The results are tasty and high-value products with long shelf lives.

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