Heat Exchangers for the Dairy Industry

maximum hygiene and great cost effectiveness

Since the end of the European Union milk quota, dairy farmers are once again allowed to produce as much milk as they want. This was not an entirely positive development, since milk prices are in free fall. Despite internationally rising demand for the staple milk, we are now witnessing great production capacities and their underutilization.


Efforts now are consequently being directed wherever possible to cost saving, consolidation, standardization, diversifying, and/or repositioning. The result, for many producers, is a highly complex portfolio with products such as fresh milk for drinking, ultra-high-temperature milk (UHT milk), butter, cream, yoghurt, cheese and quark, concentrates, baby food, and Greek yoghurt (loved not only in the USA).

With our extensive spectrum of heat exchangers, we offer the dairy processing industry integrated solutions for their entire added-value process – beginning with cooling of freshly milked milk, including pasteurization and fermentation, and extending to drying, climate control, and cooling towers. Whatever the diversity of requirements for the respective applications: with Kelvion, you concentrate your efforts on maximum hygiene, gentle product processing, and great cost effectiveness.

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