Heat exchangers for diesel & gas engines

Diesel & Gas Engines

Diesel and gas engines are used to generate energy in decentralized units in which the energy of a fuel is transformed into mechanical or electrical energy.

Diesel & Gas Engines

Modern ship engines, so called dual-fuel engines, are also capable of operating with both fuels. This gives ship owners full flexibility to optimize operating costs and to react to different environmental requirements around the world.

Duel fuel engines propel sea-going vessels, such as supertankers, cruise and cargo ships, trawlers, ferries and mega-yachts. They also drive locomotives, trucks and heavy duty equipment. In addition, diesel and gas engines have the capability to generate heat and/ or electricity within small power stations and gas cogeneration plants. In addition to powering such plants with natural gas engines, the new generation of engines can also be powered by special types of gas.

Without adequate cooling, high temperatures created by burning fuel would cause engines to fail. Kelvion helps to reduce the temperature of engine jacket water, charge air and lubrication oil in the most efficient and compact way. We offer integrated shell and tube lube oil coolers, stand-alone or attached plate heat exchangers for jacket water cooling and compact charge air coolers for 4-stroke and 2-stroke reciprocating engines. Our solutions go beyond standard engine cooling tasks. In collaboration with leading engine makers, Kelvion develops heat exchanger technology that helps to reduce NOx and SOx pollution. Those state-of-the-art heat exchangers are vital components for complying with today’s global environmental regulations.


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