Heat exchangers for diesel Locomotives

Diesel Rail

The modern diesel locomotive is a self-contained version of the electric locomotive. It differs principally in that it carries its own generating station around with it, instead of being connected to a remote generating station through overhead wires or a third rail.

Diesel Rail

The generating station consists of a large diesel engine coupled to an alternator that produces the necessary electricity.  A fuel tank is also essential. Interestingly, the modern diesel locomotive produces about 35% of the power of an electric locomotive of similar weight.

With a proper balanced cooling system the new generations of diesel locomotives are able to fulfill the strongest emission levels. From the first generations, Kelvion delivers adapted solutions for the different components needed to cool the engine. We offer integrated shell and tube lube oil coolers, plate heat exchangers, compact charge air coolers and radiators used for jacket water, as well as charge air cooling. Our products are designed to withstand the heavy-duty locomotive cycle, as well as the different ambient conditions. Our solutions go beyond standard engine cooling tasks. In collaboration with leading engine makers, Kelvion develops heat exchanger technology that helps to reduce NOx and SOx pollution. Those state-of-the-art heat exchangers are vital components for complying with the latest emissions regulations. Our compact brazed plate heat exchangers are used for oil cooling tasks and can be integrated easily - either vertically or horizontally - in the body of the locomotives with minimum space requirements.

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