Refrigeration technology for food processing applications

we provide an exact fitting solution

Almost all freezing and cooling supplying companies in the freezing tunnel- and spiral world use our refrigeration equipment. For every kind of application we design together with the client, in a discrete manner, an OEM solution that suits their demands. Varying from compact to mega IQF freezers, carton freezers, spiral freezers, multi belt tunnels and special inline freezer/chillers, we provide an exact fitting solution.

General Food Processing

Our coils can be found in the above mentioned solutions for example in tunnels or spirals for french fries, pizza, bread, pastry, chicken, ice cream, meat, snacks, vegetables processing, etc.

In the area of carbon footprint reduction we are also leading, in developing our equipment for environmentally-friendly refrigerants like CO2, ammonia (NH3) and secondary refrigerants like mono propylene glycol. There is also a shift towards equipment that runs on environmentally-friendly refrigerants, such as CO2, ammonia (NH3) and secondary refrigerants like mono propylene glycol. We come together with the client always to the best solution for the specific application. Customized products playing a very important role is this part of the refrigeration / food business. Besides customized solutions we also design OEM products for clients that can be used in modular set ups, this is optimizing the product and also cost saving on the engineering side, a win- win situation.


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