In a world of increasing demand for energy and a strong shift towards renewable and alternative sources, a reliable power supply and intelligent connection between the various producers and users is essential.

Kelvion in grid applications
Kelvion in grid applications

The power transmission and distribution grid transports the electrical energy from a generating site, such as a power plant, to substations and on to local customers and users.

Within this grid are large oil-immersed power transformers. These crucial components are the workhorses and have to be carefully maintained. They transmit the electricity at higher voltages over long distances to reduce the energy loss and then switch to lower voltages at the receiving station for further transmission or distribution.

Transformer oil must be transported and cooled safely, sustainably and efficiently. With our extensive portfolio of  pumps and heat exchangers – which include  transformer oil air and water coolers in various designs – Kelvion ensures that these mandatory requirements are met.

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