Heat Exchange Solutions for the HVAC Industry

Temperature control

Hospitals, offices, shopping centres, factories and houses – just about any building you could name requires some form of heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system.


Building boom boosts demand
The rapid increase in construction projects and rising sales of commercial buildings and homes around the world is driving growth in the HVAC sector. In particular, growing urbanization and industrialization in developing countries have created a demand for more factories and residential complexes fitted with HVAC systems.

Drive for energy efficiency
Energy efficiency is now a key requirement for new HVAC installations. Governments worldwide have introduced regulations designed to encourage the take-up of HVAC systems that comply with industry standards for energy-efficient performance.

Smarter systems
The HVAC market faces a smart future as a result of advances in intelligent technology. These include systems for monitoring a building’s energy consumption and controlling the energy output of a HVAC system.

Solutions for every application
Whether for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning or cooling, Kelvion has the optimal heat exchange solution. From swimming pools and solar units, to district systems, our equipment ensures the right temperature is achieved.

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