Refrigeration technology and air coolers for vessels

Marine Sector

Within the maritime industry accuracy is of the very essence - in design, delivery schedule, materials and order processing. Whatever the vessel: reefer, trawler, cargo ship, cruise liner, strategic supply ship for defense purposes, cooling equipment is essential for helping engines to run efficiently, reducing emissions, recovering waste heat and supplying fresh water.

Marine Sector

Our reputation as a reliable team player is fully reflected in our contributions to the shipbuilding industry. We build standard solutions for the normal storage rooms, but we are specialist when it becomes to tailor made solutions, important in the ship engineering is working within limited spaces and still supply the best solution, this especially in the fishing industry, freezing- and cooling transportation of frozen and fresh products.

In the end, the best possible result is being able to assure a captain of an ocean trawler, calling via his satellite phone, that his cooler will be ready on time, waiting for him in the harbor of South Africa when he returns from his current voyage.


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