Pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals

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Fine chemicals are only manufactured in small quantities, involving multiple complicated steps, by batch production or biotechnological processes. Yet they are the foundation for many products that people worldwide rely on, from pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals to food additives and pigments.

Pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals

Due to their complex and changing chemistry, fine chemicals are more expensive to produce than bulk chemicals. Manufacturing pharmaceuticals involves a series of industrial-scale processes, including milling, granulation, coating, tablet pressing, as well as producing the raw materials. Quality and hygiene are paramount and governed by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and strict rules laid down by regulatory bodies, such as the US Food and Drug Administration.

Heat exchange is an important part of the fine chemicals production process and for manufacturing pharmaceuticals. Equipment has to operate under optimum sanitary conditions and in accordance with GMP. It needs to be compact and efficient, but easy to clean and maintain. Kelvion’s range of heat exchangers fulfils these requirements and more. As well as ensuring a reliable operation, our solutions aid heat recovery to make processes more economical.


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