Heat Exchangers for the Sugar Industry

Leading global commodity for food and fuel

Every year around 173 million tonnes of sugar are consumed worldwide, an average of 24 kilograms per capita. As well as being one of the most important commodities in the global food industry, sugar is playing an increasing role as a green alternative to fossil fuel.


Worldwide production
Sugar is produced in approximately 120 countries from sugar cane and sugar beet. Cane sugar makes up 80 % of total annual production and is the primary source for 70 countries, while 40 countries rely on beet crops. Only ten countries produce sugar from both sources. The top ten sugar producers, headed by Brazil, India and the EU, account for 75% of global supply.

Sweet outlook
Despite price fluctuations in recent years and increasing competition among processing companies, sugar is forecast to continue its upward trend. World production is expected to grow by 2.1% per year to reach 210 million tonnes by 2025.

Green energy source
The growing awareness of the effects of greenhouse gases has prompted governments to support the production of biofuels, including ethanol from sugar, as an environmentally-friendly replacement for gasoline. As a result the ethanol market has grown rapidly, particularly in Brazil, the US and the EU. Biofuel consumption is also on the rise in the Asia-Pacific region.

Meeting the growing demand for sugar means higher production costs and use of energy. At Kelvion we provide innovative engineering solutions for all applications in the sugar industry. Our state-of-the-art range of heat exchange technology and expertise enables customers to operate profitably and energy efficiently.

We supply gasketed plate heat exchangers with narrow gap design (NT-Series) for clear juices and syrups while your particle containing juice and molasses is treated gently by our Free Flow (NF-Series) and Wide Gap (NW-Series) plate heat exchangers. 

With our K°Flex plate-falling-film-Evaporator we offer the most efficient type of evaporator for the sugar industry. It is the best possible solution to increase the capacity and the number of effects in order to save steam and to decrease your steam temperature and your colour formation. If you are looking for a tubular-falling-film evaporator or another shell & tube heat exchanger, you will also find a high variety of specific models in our scope of supply.

For condensation of vacuum vapours, you can use our shell & tube heat exchangers as well as air cooled condensers. 

Also for wet cooling towers Kelvion is your reliable partner for standardized as well as custom made solutions.


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