Fully-Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

Meeting the highest of all demands

Our fully-welded plate heat exchangers make a convincing case due to their minimal size, outstanding thermal transfer coefficients and comparatively minimal investment costs. They are particularly robust and require only minimal cleaning and servicing. Their design advantages come into play especially in areas, in which, in addition to the output, load capacity is also a requirement.

Every fully-welded plate heat exchanger series has its own specific advantages and area of application - these include:

  • High temperature and pressure resistance
  • Low investment costs through heat transfer with maximum efficiency
  • Small footprint
  • Safe operation (gas-tight version)
  • Easy to clean

Conclusion: Developed to meet the challenges every conceivable application, our fully-welded plate heat exchangers offer a convincing performance even under difficult circumstances and conditions. If you would like to get in touch, our expert engineers are available and happy to advise you – with one click on the link, we will send you the name and contact information of your contact person. Additionally, you can learn more details about our heat exchanger consulting and other related services.

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