Closed Circuit Coolers

New Standards enhance Efficiency

Closed circuit coolers are designed according to customers' requirements and assure exact compliance with their performance specifications. Our finned systems enhance heat exchange to the tube system and allow low material usage without performance loss. Tooling flexibility allows each system to be adjusted with its tube banks side by side or on top of each other, offers options of meeting extreme customer demands. Our many offical approvals and certifications allow us to design and manufacture closed circuit coolers for many and various applications.

Kelvion Closed Circuit Cooler
Kelvion Closed Circuit Cooler

Our standard range of closed circuit cooler models is designed to satisfy the conditions presented by our customers involving thermal and mechanical-engineering requirements. This standard line includes a great number and variety of material combinations for tubes, finds, tube sheets, chambers, and the like: e.g., copper, Aluminium (AE), CuNi10, CuNi30, various stainless-steel types, as well as titanum. For requirements not covered by our extensive standard portfolio, we develop customized solutions - including highly effective systems for applications under extreme operational conditions.

  • Tube systems with enhanced heat transfer
  • Different materials and surface protection for gas side cooling surface
  • High corrosion resistant tube material (stainless steel, titan)
  • Safety heat exchanger with double tube system


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