Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers made of stainless steel

GVH Series

VacInox, the solution for highest requirements for potable water applications and industrial processes. VacInox is our new, unique and revolutionary technology for a solid and resistant connection of stainless steel plates. It enables a compact design and a maximal corrosion resistance. To meet the increased demands in terms of high temperatures and pressures up to 35 bar / 508 psi a special brazing filler free of non-ferrous metals is used. The new developed GVH-Series unifies the compact design and economy of a brazed plate heat exchanger with the utility of a shell-and-tube heat exchanger. VacInox is the solution for applications with aggressive media and high pressures.

Kelvion Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger
Kelvion Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger
Kelvion Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger
Kelvion Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

The newly refined GVH 550 / 770 models with ConBraze plate structure
Compact stainless steel heat exchanger with an efficiency booster

Brazed stainless steel plate heat exchanger models 550 and 770 of the GVH series combine the properties of the ConBraze® corrugation with high corrosion resistance. They represent a cost-effective and compact alternative to shell & tube heat exchangers where optimal heat transfer is required when using corrosive media.

The ConBraze® design, which has been optimized for heating and cooling systems, ensures efficiency and compactness. High turbulence is achieved in the individual channels due to the arrangement of concave/convex turbulence cells. This results in excellent distribution of the medium over the plate width, ensuring improved heat transfer. These thermodynamic flow properties lead to low pressure losses, reduced media filling and thus lower operating costs compared to herringbone corrugation heat exchangers.

These stainless steel heat exchangers meet the highest requirements for potable water applications and industrial processes thanks to the VacInox® soldering agent – a material that is free of non-ferrous metal and enables a solid connection between the stainless steel plates. Therefore, GVH 550 and 770 heat exchangers may be used in a broad temperature range of -196 °C to +200 °C and at pressures up to 35 bar. With its wide range of available sizes, the GVH series is perfect for applications such as:

  • potable water heating;
  • district heating systems;
  • laser cooling;
  • and as an evaporator and condenser for ammonia cooling systems.
  • free of non-ferrous metals
  • high corrosion resistance
  • high pressure resistance
  • compact design
  • low Investment costs


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