Heavy Duty Radiators

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We design, engineers and manufactures a broad range of cores and complete radiators, in various materials and construction, including:

  • Copper/brass
  • Aluminum
  • Mechanically bonded
  • Flat fin (copper, steel, brass)
  • Serpentine fin (copper, brass)
  • Solder Coated Copper Fin Radiator Cores

Solder coating copper fins on a radiator core offers better protection in most corrosive environments than Copon (Epoxy Paint) or Heresite (Phenolic) coatings. Conventional brass tube/ copper fin radiators provide an efficient and economical heat transfer surface, however the relatively light gauge copper fin strip in a raw state can be susceptible to corrosive attack in environments such as;

  • Coastal areas & Offshore
  • Heavy industrial locations, eg. Refineries, Smelters
  • Mine sites - phosphate, coal and salt Solder coated radiator cores are made with solder pre- coated copper fins and conventional solder pre-coated brass tubes. Following assembly, the core is oven baked to provide mechanical tube to fin bond and provides complete solder coated protection of the heat transfer surfaces.

We have capability to produce solder dipped cores, Copon coated cores and standard copper cores were salt spray tested to International Standard ASTM-B117.

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