Fully welded plate heat exchangers K°Bloc

for oil and gas as well as petrochemicals

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K°Bloc is the result of decades of experience with demanding applications, more than 30 years of plate pack welding expertise and a commitment to continuous product improvement. Now this welded plate heat exchanger has been refined to further enhance its reliability and efficiency. K°Bloc plays a leading role in Kelvion’s package of sustainable solutions, working across a broad range of liquids, temperatures and pressures.


Three different plate corrugations are available:


Chevron corrugation offers high efficiency and pressure resistance. The high turbulence reduces fouling and is therefore the right choice for demanding applications.


The double dimple corrugation is the first choice for highly viscous or solid containing media as well as for applications wiht low pressure drop requirements.


The New Performance Chevron (NPC) is the latest addition for the K°Bloc family. Backed up with years of experience this new plate corrugation has been developed to meet today's requirements of high demanding applications. High heat recovery cut costs by lower energy consumption and cooling water needs. Improve sustainability by lowering the the carbon footprint.

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  • fully welded plate pack
  • small footprint and low installation cost
  • access to both media sides
  • for applications at temperatures up to 400°C and pressures up to 50 bar
  • easy cleaning thanks to unproblematic opening of the apparatus

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