Dedicated Aircooler range for natural refrigerants

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Kelvion’s CSF/CBF and CSH/CBH lineup is the cubic air cooler line with an adapted tube pattern to support the demands of low volume systems with natural refrigerants like R744 (CO2), R290 (Propane) or Ammonia.


The range is available from 5.6 up to 175 kW for CO2 and ideally suited for high pressure applications up to 90 bars. 

The capacity range for ammonia is from 7.7 up to 224 kW. 

The range is available as blow and draw through version. There a different materials for your choice and the wide range of options makes this coolers easy to perfectly suit your application. 


  • Defrost sock (Adapter connection, integrated) -draw
  • Air throw streamer -draw
  • Diffusor (with air operated damper) -blow
  • Hinged fans and/or driptray
  • Suction hood fan side (-blow) or fin side (-draw)
  • Insulated drip tray (with anti-condensation heating)
  • Feet for floor mounting and insulation disks
  • Coil to spiral connection and many more

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  • Optimized for natural refrigerants like R744 (CO2), R290 (Propane) or Ammonia
  • Low refrigerant charge
  • Operating pressures up to 90bar for CO2
  • Blow-through and draw through version available

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