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One of the latest additions to the Kelvion aircooler family is the Kelvion GS. / GB. & cubic coolers. Industrial aircoolers have been our flagship for decades. With the experience of the 3 leading brands in refrigeration, Kelvion has developed a new line-up matching the latest market requirements.


The entire range builds on our high quality standards and offers optimised coil designs and highly efficient fans, based on a proven concept. With it‘s easy installation and accessability the range can be configured to your requirements.

If you‘re facing a tight time schedule, the Kelvion GS. / GB. cubic air coolers provides the solution.

The Kelvion GS. /GB.  is suitable for synthetic and natural refrigerants and for temperatures ranging from -40°C to +50°C. The GS/GB model has a capacity range from 6.5 kW to 121 kW (HFC, SC2). The GS./GB. range is available with a copper/aluminium (.=K) or a  stainless steel/aluminium (.=L) coil block.

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  • Offering defined solutions with a great value.
  • Fast delivery times to meet requirements for tight time schedules.
  • 750+ defined options for the most common applications (defined options against short delivery times).

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